Project Description

Brett served as a consultant and business owner in the Energy Industry from 2008 until 2014 under the North American Industry Classification System number 541611.  He was the founder of a solar energy consulting company.  The company procured millions of U.S. dollars in renewable energy systems sales to the end user with an inspiring cost-to-profit ratio.  Solar PV (electric) systems, solar hot water systems and power purchase agreements with the utility company were hotter than the Hawaii sun while increasing our GDP rates.  How?  The company created higher paying skilled jobs, more disposable income for home owners and less utility expenses for business operations so their retained earning could increase.

Why was buying renewable energy so advantageous?  The practicality of the renewable energy technologies emerged to the consumer market, plus the dreary high utility bills, plus the State and Federal government incentives, equaled eye opening lower energy costs for decades.  The deal gets better.  Kilowatt hours and natural gas are affected by inflation and sunlight is not affected.  There is no inflation factor within the consumer price index (CPI) on sunlight.

After his acquired experience in the state wide utility infrastructure regarding the residential, commercial and utility scale energy suppliers.  Brett wanted to help the nation wide utility infrastructure diversify more domestic cost efficient energy suppliers.  He went on to provide strategic counsel to the federal government’s U.S. Department of Energy.

Contributing to our energy self-reliance, national security and energy supply chain has been personally rewarding to our nation’s communities and families.