Meet Brett

Project Management. Website Development. Marketing.

Brett serves with a rich blend of skills and experiences in business development, information technology, project management, technical writing, and consulting. His journey is characterized by a passion for novel innovation and a dedication to excellence standards.

Professional Highlights

Top Skills: Brett’s expertise spans a wide array of areas including business development, working with precious people, project management, inventiveness, technical writing, teaching, presentations, and consulting.

Information Technology: Remarkably, Brett’s IT skills were ranked #1 among 231,134,130 individuals in the United States. He was awarded a patent for one of his inventions in web development and information technology. What makes this achievement even more special is that he completed the patent application process pro se, handling both the legal and scientific aspects of the application.

Consulting Experience

Since 2008, Brett has been a NAICS #541611 consultant, offering his expertise across various industries. One of the current industries is web development and marketing.

Web Services: Combining story brand logic with the technical mechanics behind the scenes of a website. Delivering technical and strategic guidance to optimize online presence conversation rates.

Personal Approach

Brett thrives on collaborating with diverse teams and individuals, leveraging his technical and interpersonal skills to achieve remarkable results. His presentations and teaching sessions are designed to be engaging, informative, and inspiring, reflecting his commitment to fostering growth on the leading edge in the marketplace.

Feel free to connect with Brett to explore how you can collaborate and create shared value together.

Let’s innovate, inspire, and achieve greatness together!


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