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Brett is a very articulate and analytical person, he is very professional and technically savvy. He knows how to motivate his employees and helps people to achieve their goals. I had examined and witnessed excellent deliverables from Brett, his deliverables are just second to none.
Brett also takes his spirituality seriously though ensures balance of such spirituality in his professional space. I am so delighted working with a genius like Brett in my career!

Mr. Ojo, Business Owner, P.E., Director of Health and Safety at Shield Safety

Brett is a man of integrity with great work ethic. He is intelligent and meticulous so can handle complex projects. He also genuinely cares about people. I would highly recommend him.

Mr. Mukabi, President, A Perfect Clean, LLC

Mr. Phillips is a deep thinker with an engineering mind; sensing the mechanics of how creation and God work.  I was surprised at his knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, Bible and God Almighty’s plans.  His educational background is impressive, in addition to his college education.  He has a kindred mind to my mind.  I support his ministry and business… I think the world of him!

Mr. Geiger, PE, Owner, President of Space Science Services, Inc.

Minister Brett Phillips is an author, teacher, entrepreneur, and financial coach whose reputation and work precede him. His revelation on finances and his ability to incorporate that into teaching others how to make the most out of it is unmatched. I have personally had a one-on-one meeting with him, and it has turned things around for me. You can schedule a one-on-one, get his materials or sign up for his online course and thank me later.

Mr. Ankamah, Pastor, Cross Pointe Assembly of God Church

We just received our second months MECO bill and again it was $46, a big difference from the $4800 we were used to seeing.  Brett, you were the one who first got us started on this road. THANK YOU!

Mr. Yust, Executive Director, Maui Food Bank, Inc.

Teacher Brett Phillips is an amazing professor.  He is intelligent, a man with integrity, good character, loyal and humble.  He knows a lot about Kingdom economics.  He knows how to explain his materials and help others to understand and grow from a business perspective. Thank you so much teacher Brett Phillips to do what you love and helping our community.

Mr. Alves, Teacher, Victory Bible Church

The level of integrity, sound business practice and enthusiasm that Brett brings to his work, his life, and every project he involves himself in is quickly self-evident to anyone that has ever worked with him.  I have watched him grow both personally and professionally for nearly 10 years in how he brings his unique passion for business, people and of course his faith to all he does.  Conviction, honesty, purpose and action are some great words to describe his work ethic.

Mr. Barry, Founder, President, Makai Studios

Brett has a great sense and ability for computational analysis in regards to homes and solar systems. It is refreshing to work with Brett’s high level of integrity and dedication. Brett also pioneered multi million dollar commercial solar accounts, and the first solar PV system PPA agreement to be owned by a few church members on Maui. Those solar systems allowed the congregation to save a lot of money with their utility bills. I highly recommend you working with him!

Mr. Audant, Real Estate Broker, Wailea, HI

I have consulted with Brett and found his wisdom and advise to be highly targeted. His fresh ideas and knowledge of high level business processes are very helpful when needing to think way outside the box. I also highly recommend any of his written material. If you are an emerging leader in the new economy I suggest you connect with Brett and keep up with what he is doing.

Mr. Martin, Founder, CEO, Financial Literacy Program & Sovereign Private Wealth Management Fund

I have worked with Brett in business and found him to be competent and skillful. In addition Brett has a unique insight and proficiency in his area of expertise. His advice and direction has enabled me to expand my company. I would recommend Brett in any capacity.

Mr. Jones, Founder, CEO Group

Kingdom Economics is truly life transforming.  Mr. Brett Phillips will be able to assist you in obtaining your business needs and goals.

Chris Isbell, Pastor, Ransomed International Ministries

Mr. Phillips acumen for business has greatly blessed my family and me!  Mr. Phillips has generously provided his expertise for starting and operating my business.  His abilities in e-commerce, procuring contracts, law, marketing and generating a profit with minimal investment has prospered me.

Ms. Baptiste, Owner, Noah's Ark Home Health Care

Mr. Phillips is a breakthrough thinker with innovative ideas that bring solutions.  His oversight and innovation in business development, branding, law, e-commerce, marketing and licensing has been more than resourceful for us.

Mr. Tavares, Founder, CEO, God Hears